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Junk Removal LTP is your best option for home junk removal in Orlando. We have a team of professionals that will give you a clean space, from inside out, quickly. You need to guide our team from where you want to remove the junk and leave the rest on our professionals. While our workers are on their job, you don't have to worry about anything. The team will load every junk on the truck and will haul it away carefully. From the old mattresses to hot tubs, broken pianos, and nearly every junk, we will remove it from everywhere and will discard it properly.

When our professionals are there, you do not have to stay on the site for as long as it is cleaned. However, you can trust our team that will give you 100% satisfactory results within a few hours. We reach on time as decided and will always inform 15 minutes before our arrival. While you have hired our professionals, you should stay calm knowing that your hard-earned money is not going to be wasted. If you need the Orlando junk removal services, just give us a call or email us to get a quote.
Every day Orlando people are willing to get rid of the piles of junk but don’t know how they will do it themselves. Well, Junk Removal LTP is one of the best junk removals in Orlando service providers. Whether it is, regular home junk or commercial junk, we will help you remove everything from the said place. From eliminating the old junk to the old furniture and other kinds of waste, LTP junk removal you can always bet for our reliable services.

It is very hard for a person to remove all the junk on his own. However, you can always rely on professional cleaners. You may call someone for help but how could you be sure that person will give his 100% to you. Well, in the case of professional junk removal service providers, you can always trust their capabilities and skills. There are many options available for junk removal in Orlando but LTP can prove that they are the best junk removal company in town. Every company claims that they are best at their work but there are a few essential qualities based on which, you can judge who is best. There are some qualities based on which we can say that we can help you get the cleaning job done and we recommend you always look for these three qualities when you search for the junk removal company in Orlando.

Every company says that they have a team of fully skilled professionals. But we believe skills are not enough. They should also have all the necessary equipment. From every small towing tool to large trucks, they should have everything so they can do the best cleaning job. The more right equipment they will have, the more quick and efficient would be there in the work. The professional team will not only pick up the junk but will do a deep clean and that is what we do. This is the reason that we are always on the list of people’s priority when it comes to clean the junk from residential and commercial areas.

Since professionals have a strong command of their skills, they know how to do the job smartly. Instead of working casually, they use the special tricks that they got from years of their experience. The reputed company ensures that their services are prompt and when they are on duty, the client does not need anything more. Being a respected company, we do respect our clients and their demands and try our best to make them satisfied with our services.

An eco-friendly junk removal company always prioritize their contribution to the environment. They will never dump the junk that they haul away from your place to the landfills but will treat it in the right manner. They will separate each item from the junk and will categorize them as to which group of things can be reused or needs complete disposal. LTP is an eco-friendly junk removal company and knows how important it is to keep your place clean as well as the world.

Among so many companies claiming about their best services, it has become very hard to trust the one but there are a few things you can always count on. The right company will also provide the additional services along with just hauling away the junk. At LTP, we not only remove the casual junk but also the furniture. Our furniture removal in Orlando services will help you in moving your heavy furniture while relocating either your business or your home.

For our commercial clients, we promise the best junk removal services. From the regular junk to lifting the old furniture, appliances, and any other type of junk, we remove all in all and give them the clean and hygienic space so their people can work without worrying about their health. To save your money, you may rely on getting the help of someone but are you sure that you cleaned and disinfect the space properly. Well, you can’t be sure because you just lift the junk and put it aside. However, the professional junk removal in Orlando will gather all the junk at one place, tow it into the truck, and will then haul it away from your place to the landfills. You can rely on several services that LTP offers to its people and the services include:

Whether you are moving, decorating, or simply trying to spare some space in your home or business, Junk Removal LTP is ready to help 24 hours 7 days a week. As an established Furniture removal Orlando, we offer cost-effective furniture removal services designed to get the process simple and hassle-free. You can always check on our customer’s reviews and know what services we offer and how we do that. Furniture removal can be frustrating and time-taking, especially when you are already busy keeping your house. Depending upon the size of your furniture and layout of house space, the duty can be quite tough. Why throw yourself at risk when the professionals are there to help you in moving the furniture from one place to the other. Whether you need to remove a single item or have multiple parts of furniture to eliminate or move, we have a trained and experienced team to deal with the matter while you sit back on the chair and enjoy your cup of tea. For us, nothing is difficult to handle and we pride ourselves on entire professionalism and are focused on your satisfaction. To get the services you just have to call or email us to book an appointment. Our experienced team will be there at your call and will begin right on time so you don’t have to worry more about the junk in your surroundings. When you hire Junk Removal LTP, know that you are working with one of the best furniture removal service Orlando providers and know that the team will not move unless you are fully satisfied with the services.


@Marybeth Brauman Always happy to support Seminole HS alumni! Great guys who showed up on time, got the job done and were true to their quote! Thanks, guys!
Mrs. Brauman

7 months ago

@Amanda Dobbins I had a nice experience with this company. I had a decent amount of old furniture to get rid of and a lot of companies were giving me a hard time because of the steps and some of the challenging hallways. Guy from LTP came over next day and did all the work in a professional manner. He also stayed true on the price he gave over the phone. Nice guy and I like this company for any sort of junk removal.

2 years ago

@Sunshine Magik These guys are so awesome! Came same day and quoted me less than the other guy. On-time, professional would definitely use them again

a years ago

@Matt Schreiber Efficient, professional company. I needed a hot tub removed and it was a pretty challenging job. The owner came by same day and was fair on price. They were a pleasure to deal with.

2 years ago

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